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Honicon also supports you when it comes to operating systems. It helps you set up and run your solution on the operating system that suits you and your infrastructure environment. We support the following operating systems:

Red Hat / CentOS

Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Betriebssystem: CentOS

RPM based Linux distributions based on Red Hat technology are characterized by stability and reliability. They are also valued by experts for their API compatibility for updates. For Red Hat systems, official support can be purchased from the manufacturer, which can often be useful in a business deployment scenario.

Ubuntu / Debian


DEB based Linux distributions are appreciated by many professionals due to their long term and community driven development. They offer many and very current packages as well as long-term supported versions.



SUSE Linux has earned a reputation in many organizations as a stable and secure operating system. It is, like the Red Hat distributions, based on RPM technology. In addition, it offers many tools designed to make administration easier.

Windows Server System

Betriebssysteme: Windows Server

Microsoft has always tried to achieve a simple operation for its operating system. All programs are available in the form of intuitive, graphical user interfaces, so that administration via the command line, which is basically possible, is not necessary. The user usually has sole control over all hardware resources, receives regular feedback from the system and can install software independently.

Honicon helps you:

Honicon helps companies build and maintain a solid operating system foundation to run their solution:

atlassian jira core

We offer you Service und Support around the setup and configuration, as well as performance optimization.
We aim to serve you with our experience for your success.

Operating Systems

We ensure that your infrastructure and the components necessary for its operation are optimally tuned to each other and convince with performance even in stressful times!

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