Our blog – news and insights from us – updated regularly

Our blog – news and insights from us – updated regularly

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  • Refined for Jira – the clever way to design your customer portal
    The app “Refined for Jira” from the eponymous manufacturer Refined offers users the option to design their customer portal in Jira (Service Desk) according to their own wishes. This includes not only a color adjustment, but also the structure of the topics and the view of the content to be displayed. Functionalities The functions described … Read more
  • New App: Tempo Cost Tracker
    Tempo Cost Tracker is the latest app for Jira by Montreal-based software developer Tempo, which was launched in 2020. The app strikes a successful balance between simple, quick overview and comprehensive insight. In the following we have addressed basic questions about Cost Tracker that we have received or that we have asked ourselves. If we … Read more
  • Riot – Instant Messaging – as it should be
    A solid solution for corporate instant messaging and chats has become essential in many areas of working life. In addition, it is important to be able to participate in conversations without a platform barrier. Extensions like instant telephony or video chat complement a solution in a pleasant way! Matrix Synapse – a good baseline As … Read more

Use Cases

  • Time management made easy!
    Reduce your expenditure by 20% Simple and intuitive time management with a great overview of planned and booked workload. Time management is in most of the companies quite individual.  As long as there are no strict regulations and the staff has to keep an eye on their worked time by themselves it becomes more and … Read more
  • Real estate industry – the best communication with the customer is decisive
    Target: Customers or interested parties should be able to establish direct contact with the service provider in the shortest possible time for clarification of questions or direct commissioning. The best communication with the customer is decisive for this! Implementation: The real estate sector is no longer just about marketing or managing properties. Rather, it is … Read more
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