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  • Multilingual Support for Jira Service Management
    Especially in the modern, connected world, it is important to provide content not only in the local language – multilingualism has become an expected standard. Translations of some important elements have been possible in Jira for quite some time. For example, it was easy to provide globally used names of statuses, solutions, priorities and task …
  • Secure login – once for all applications
    Kantega SSO Enterprise – the Swiss Army Knife for Authentication Who doesn’t know this these days – many portals, many logins and many passwords. For many of us, keeping track beyond password managers and password policies is clearly a challenge. Atlassian applications are no exception. Whether it’s Active Directory, Red Hat Identity Management, Keycloak, Oktave, …
  • Atlassian announces Changes in Licensing Model
    No more Server Licenses from 2021/2024 on Atlassian’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO Scott Farquhar (left) announced on 16th of October 2020 on the company’s own blog that he will fundamentally change the licensing. Atlassian intends to continue to focus on its path to becoming a Cloud-First company. As of February 2, 2021, Atlassian will therefore discontinue …

Use Cases

  • Document management on the intranet
    Working together with a customer, we developed a document management solution that can give over 15,000 employees secure access to information on internal documents. For the document management solution, we primarily chose Confluence and Insight for Jira, which are accessible only from the customer’s intranet. The Challenge: Content Delivery, Filters & Access A solution was …
  • Der SPIEGEL – Service Catalog
    Efficiency increase through the introduction of a service catalog In our daily business we were often confronted with recurring challenges and were looking for a solution that would help us to optimize our processes. We are confronted with the following topics every day: a request comes in via the ticket system and the responsibilities are …
  • Time management made easy!
    Reduce your expenditure by 20% Simple and intuitive time management with a great overview of planned and booked workload. Time management is in most of the companies quite individual.  As long as there are no strict regulations and the staff has to keep an eye on their worked time by themselves it becomes more and …
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