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Bamboo is the tool for continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery or deployment (CD) through to code publishing.

Continuous Integration keeps written program code clean. Before integrating newly written lines to existing lines, it must be checked whether the code is also error-free and whether it does not negatively affect the existing code.
Continuous Delivery allows code that is found to be in order to be published directly – thanks to Bamboo even without human intervention. A distinction is made between continuous delivery, where code is published to a repository, and continuous deployment, where changes are made to a production system.

The advantages of this approach to software development are clear and significantly extend pure version control. Honicon recommends using Bamboo to improve your release processes and unify and automate testing and deployment.

Ensure clean codes using CI/CD and Bamboo

By using Bamboo, you are ready for anything to bring the potential of continuous integration and delivery to your business. Bamboo supports all the necessary pipelines and environments without the need to set up or connect to various tools. Thus, the tool can be seamlessly integrated into existing software teams. If something is missing, the platform is open for missing connections and comes with various ready-made possibilities with the Atlassian Marketplace.

Builds can be easily introduced into projects. Sophisticated rights and administration systems allow a clean management of the development environment. Deployments can be carried out automatically, manually or scheduled as required.

You already use another tool?

No worries. Bamboo provides importers to migrate from Jenkins, for example.
Save costs and provide more quality in a secure system.

Some advantages of Bamboo:

  • designed for professional teams
  • true scalability in your own infrastructure or hosted by Honicon
  • tested plugins and no open source
  • Docker and AWS Support
  • CI & CD together in one application

Use the potential of synergy effects!

The platform integrates perfectly with Atlassian’s other products and is very suitable for collaborative, agile or decentralized process structures.

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