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  • Scrum Master Journey: Empowering Agile Teams with Jira
    In the dynamic world of software development, adaptability and efficiency are the keys to success. One of the ways we at Honicon GmbH ensure our team stays at the forefront of industry excellence is through fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Recently, I had the privilege of earning my Scrum Master title, a milestone that … Read more
  • Status Properties – Workflow Property – Part 2
    In a first post about workflow properties we already covered how to set a property in transitions. The status properties (properties of workflow steps) are described in this article. Among other things, they are suitable for restricting permissions in certain statuses, for example, which users are allowed to write a comment and when.If you know … Read more
  • Transition Properties – Workflow Property – Part 1
    From the area of tips and tricks for Jira, but already for advanced administrators and users, this post is about transition properties or workflow properties. Such special properties can be set, for example, for one or more transitions (status transitions), but also for statuses of a workflow. Part 1 will deal with transition properties, part … Read more

Use Cases

  • Job reference: Digital capture of an evaluation sheet
    In every company, new employees always start, but unfortunately, some also leave. Various tasks, which are usually the responsibility of the HR department, are then on the agenda, such as the job reference. If you take a closer look at the activities arising from an employee leaving, you will quickly realize that various other departments … Read more
  • Intranet created in Confluence
    The Atlassian software Confluence is also suitable as an intranet, in addition to other application purposes; from project-accompanying document management to centralized wiki to a comprehensive collaboration platform. The use as an intranet – or more precisely intranet portal, i.e. the organizational contact point for internal information – is logical. Not least if Jira is … Read more
  • Identity Management – Jira Service Management – 1
    Cleverly manage identities in the company Companies are increasingly concerned with meeting compliance and audit requirements by simple and comprehensible means. Identity management and authorization management continue to be the focus of these efforts. It is precisely here that glaring gaps are repeatedly found in security audits or in routine checks as part of ISO27001, … Read more
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