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Version control is an important part of code management. Fisheye & Crucible (FeCru) allows you to keep control over various versions of the code and to track changes. The two tools are indeed often used together, but can also be used in isolation from each other.

Fisheye & Crucible are a combined, essential tool for software teams. It simplifies work in the modern software industry, which often demands faster innovations under increased expectations and requirements. Especially for distributed teams – whether spatial or organizational – real advantages are gained. This is achieved by the strong support of analysis and search, across single or multiple, different repositories by Fisheye. Crucible enables the structured peer reviewing of codes across teams.

Advantages when using Fisheye & Crucible:

  • Adaptable security
  • Clear version & ownership tracking
  • Easy collaboration for distributed teams
  • Differentiated views of changes across different repositories
  • Peer code review also pre-commit and for longer, regulated change intervals
  • Indexed search and analysis

Why Fisheye & Crucible and not Bitbucket?

Bitbucket is a software which is especially designed for Git repositories, whereas FeCru also supports other things. If several VCS are in use, the combined tools are almost always worthwhile. The use of FeCru and Bitbucket together is case-dependent and recommended if, for example, intensive code reviews are required or a long-term conversion to Git is desired.

Integration with other Atlassian products, especially Jira Software and Bamboo, is also given. For example, a workflow can be continued directly from Fisheye & Crucible. This way, processes are created without unnecessary interfaces.

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