Remote Working – teamwork from anywhere

Many wish for it, some already enjoy it, some avoid it and others know it only from stories. This is about Remote Working.

Digital Nomad Remote Working

Nowadays, employees attach more importance to the so-called work-life balance. By this they mean not only the compatibility of family and job, but above all the flexible arrangement of working locations and working hours. As a prerequisite for this, however, the infrastructure in the company must fit, i.e. the technology.

It shouldn’t only be possible to process e-mails from home, but also to access all other systems that are in daily use. 
But what about communication with colleagues? Sure, there are telephones, but how about a more modern option? Right from the start we use slack as the most common means of communication in our team. It is ideal for coordination, tracking activities by integrating it into your Jira instance, creating different channels e.g. for individual departments or topics and much more. This tool makes communication simple and efficient.

By connecting to a Jira instance, you receive notifications about new tasks, especially those with a high priority, as well as information when a colleague comments, edits or closes a task. This means that you always know what’s going on on the system without having to be logged on to the system all the time or having to go through mass e-mail notifications.

In addition to Slack, we also use Atlassian Confluence because it allows us as a team to create and edit documents centrally and in an orderly fashion. Simultaneous editing of pages by several team members is no longer a problem at all! In addition, no local software is necessary because the application is web-based – it can be used with just a working internet connection.

The other possibility is that you can work completely mobile with Jira, Confluence or even Slack. Each software provides you with its own app for the smartphone or tablet, with which you can work just as comfortably as on your computer.

Another advantage of working remotely is the fast reaction to external factors. Such as blocked work routes due to storms or health precautions. Honicon was able to react quickly to the Corona incidents in early 2020 thanks to the already established home offices, and worried employees were able to avoid travel to work by public transport and the associated risk of infection.

mobile office

But of course, remote working is not right for every employee. Some appreciate conversations with colleagues or meetings and workshops often benefit from the presence of participants.
It’s the healthy mix that does it: employees should be given the opportunity to work remotely, but at the same time they should be able to share the employer’s premises.

In order for remote working to work perfectly, we will support you in its implementation and will be happy to advise you on various approaches to solutions!

Benefits of Remote Working in brief:

  • Flexible working environment thanks to web-based software
  • Dedicated apps for mobile use
  • Maintaining communication and teamwork
  • Information dissemination without detours

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