Real estate industry – the best communication with the customer is decisive


Customers or interested parties should be able to establish direct contact with the service provider in the shortest possible time for clarification of questions or direct commissioning. The best communication with the customer is decisive for this!


best communication with customers
Keep an overview of all inquiries

The sector around the real estate industry is no longer just about marketing or managing properties. Rather, it is about adapting more and more to the digital world. In times of Google Street View or 3D videos there are more possibilities for customers to showcase their properties.

Honicon GmbH was assigned to support a customer in the area of real estate visualization in the implementation of his process. One of the most important functions in this process is the communication with the client. The software “Jira Software” and “Jira Service Desk” by Atlassian were used for this purpose. This software offers the advantage that the communication with the customer can be handled electronically without any problems, but that all information can be made available bundled in one place without sending countless emails or using other communication channels.

Real Estate Service Desk as entry point

In the first instance, the customer can contact the company via a customer portal and create an inquiry. The data of the requesting party and a short description of the desired activity are requested. Alternatively, a customer can also contact the company by telephone and arrange an appointment with a sales representative on site. In this way, the sales representative takes care of the complete recording of the customer’s data and can thus directly forward the process to the right channels.

The provision of the materials required to perform the ordered service can be initiated directly by the sales representative together with the customer. This means that an appointment is booked directly via the Jira Service Desk and the system gives a confirmation whether the required material is available at the desired time or not. If this is not the case, the system provides a selection of alternative dates for the customer. If everything is available, the order is given to the responsible department at the desired time, which then prepares the shipment. The sales representative and also the customer receive an intermediate status at any time via the customer portal, such as the tracking of the material.

Real estate workflow
workflow setup

After the services have been carried out on site, the data must be processed. Different parties in the company are responsible for this. To ensure that the process can be carried out quickly, it follows a defined process. This means that every employee knows which tasks have to be completed. Persons such as team leaders / managers can view an overview of all process steps via a separate dashboard. Individual employees, however, can have limited view authorizations via a role and rights concept, depending on their responsibility and authorization.

In the customer portal, the customer only sees the contents and process status that have been explicitly released for him. These view authorizations are also controlled by the system.

Every employee can also see in an own dashboard in a quick overview which tasks are currently assigned to himself or to the team, what their status is and what priority they have. Based on this data, meaningful evaluations can be created at any time with just a few simple steps, so that a team leader, for example, can always keep an eye on the progress and act early on if something should disturb the smooth running of the process.

In addition to the process itself, a database has been created which manages the customer data as a CRM system and the materials in parallel. The plugin Insight Asset Management from the manufacturer Mindville was used for this.


Advantages / Results:

  • Transparency for customers and employees
  • Fast communication channels and handling of service processes
  • Revision security / traceability
  • Process automation
  • Flexible design for adjustments in the process flow

Used tools:

Jira Service Management
jira service management logo gradient blue@2x
Jira Software Logo
Adaptavist Scriptrunner for Jira
Mindville Insight Asset Management

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