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Job reference: Digital capture of an evaluation sheet

In every company, new employees always start, but unfortunately, some also leave. Various tasks, which are usually the responsibility of the HR department, are then on the agenda, such as the job reference. If you take a closer look at the activities arising from an employee leaving, you will quickly realize that various other departments […]

Intranet created in Confluence

The Atlassian software Confluence is also suitable as an intranet, in addition to other application purposes; from project-accompanying document management to centralized wiki to a comprehensive collaboration platform. The use as an intranet – or more precisely intranet portal, i.e. the organizational contact point for internal information – is logical. Not least if Jira is […]


Honicon is certified partner for BigPicture

BigPicture is just one of several products from SoftwarePlant, but it is the most popular. SoftwarePlant is a company that specializes in solutions for Jira-related software, but also in standalone software. Founded in 2015, the Warsaw-based company offers BigPicture, which is one of the most popular or best apps for project management in Jira. The […]

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Use email for comments in Jira

In many companies, email is still the primary channel of communication – even though it is increasingly being replaced by Chat-Ops when it comes to internal communication. At the most, however, beyond the borders of the own organization, email is indispensable. In this respect, it makes sense to know the functionalities Jira has brought along […]


Jitsi Meet – secure and reliable video conferencing

Introduction Nowadays a reliable and sustainable solution for video conferencing is a key success factor for modern businesses. Honicon was faced this task and we had a shortlist of vendors and tools we would like to proof “business-ready” for us. We did not limit the potential list to paid vendors like Zoom or WebEx, but […]