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Status Properties

Status Properties – Workflow Property – Part 2

In a first post about workflow properties we already covered how to set a property in transitions. The status properties (properties of workflow steps) are described in this article. Among other things, they are suitable for restricting permissions in certain statuses, for example, which users are allowed to write a comment and when.If you know […]

Transition Properties

Transition Properties – Workflow Property – Part 1

From the area of tips and tricks for Jira, but already for advanced administrators and users, this post is about transition properties or workflow properties. Such special properties can be set, for example, for one or more transitions (status transitions), but also for statuses of a workflow. Part 1 will deal with transition properties, part […]

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Our three favorite Automations to use

Whether you run Jira Service Management yourself with a Data Center license or in the cloud – there are always automations available. While with Data Center you can rely on the “old automations” known from older versions and optionally add the former Code Barrel Automations for Jira as an Atlassian Marketplace app, the automations are […]


Honicon is certified partner for BigPicture

BigPicture is just one of several products from SoftwarePlant, but it is the most popular. SoftwarePlant is a company that specializes in solutions for Jira-related software, but also in standalone software. Founded in 2015, the Warsaw-based company offers BigPicture, which is one of the most popular or best apps for project management in Jira. The […]


Identity Management – Jira Service Management – 2

Self-service and documentation Companies are increasingly concerned with meeting compliance and audit requirements by simple and comprehensible means. Identity management and authorization management continue to be the focus of these efforts. This is part 2 of the 4-part series; part 1 Processes – pragmatic, practical, proven At the heart of every solution with Jira Service […]

Tips and Tricks

Multilingual Support for Jira Service Management

Especially in the modern, connected world, it is important to provide content not only in the local language – multilingualism has become an expected standard. Translations of some important elements have been possible in Jira for quite some time. For example, it was easy to provide globally used names of statuses, solutions, priorities and task […]

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Secure login – once for all applications

Kantega SSO Enterprise – the Swiss Army Knife for Authentication Who doesn’t know this these days – many portals, many logins and many passwords. For many of us, keeping track beyond password managers and password policies is clearly a challenge. Atlassian applications are no exception. Whether it’s Active Directory, Red Hat Identity Management, Keycloak, Oktave, […]

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Xporter – Export operations from Jira Issues

The possibilities for exporting information from Jira-issues into formats and predefined templates, that can be reused are massively expanded by the Xporter app from XpandIT. Fields and content from Jira processes can be used in defined documents to aggregate and prepare information accordingly. In the following, I will give you a brief overview of what […]

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Element – Instant Messaging – as it should be

A solid solution for corporate instant messaging and chats has become essential in many areas of working life. In addition, it is important to be able to participate in conversations without a platform barrier. Extensions like instant telephony or video chat complement a solution in a pleasant way! Matrix Synapse – a good baseline As […]


Jitsi Meet – secure and reliable video conferencing

Introduction Nowadays a reliable and sustainable solution for video conferencing is a key success factor for modern businesses. Honicon was faced this task and we had a shortlist of vendors and tools we would like to proof “business-ready” for us. We did not limit the potential list to paid vendors like Zoom or WebEx, but […]